Prostacks PRO-WHEY (30 Serv.)
Prostacks PRO-WHEY (30 Serv.)

Prostacks PRO-WHEY (30 Serv.)

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Key Features:

  • Gluten Free Product
  • Features a Reduced Lactose Content (ideal for lactose sensitive individuals)
  • Promotes Growth & Recovery
  • Supports Protein Digestion and Utilization

Prostacks PRO-WHEY has a unique High-Protein complex that features a Reduced Lactose Content, which is ideal for lactose-sensitive individuals and undernatured Whey Microfractions that further support protein digestion and utilization.

PRO-WHEY is a 100% complete protein, which means that it contains 100% all Branched Chain Amino Acids and 100% all Essential Amino Acids. Additionally, PROWHEY exclusively sources protein from 3 of the purest and cleanest Protein producers on the planet, USA, Canada and New Zealand.