About Us

Headstrong Supplements is a company with very humble beginnings. Founder Jordan Head started this company during his studies at Memorial University by selling "beginner" workout plans to his followers on Instagram as a hobby, when he quickly realized the impact these plans had on the lives of so many students, he began plotting something much bigger. While still pursuing his education, Jordan began to put away the money he saved from his workout plans into a savings account. Jordan's vision of what he wanted was simple, he wanted to create a company that could supply everything an athlete would need on their weightlifting journey. After mulling over this question of, how could one optimize an individual's weightlifting journey? Jordan concluded there were 3 major factors he could assist on:
  1. The plan. Everyone needs a structure, a base to begin. Headstrong Supplements would provide detailed workout guides for a variety of goals, whether you were interested in going to the gym for the first time, or looking for an intense and advanced shred guide, Headstrong Supplements would supply it!
  2.  Nutrition. While starting a full on grocery store was unrealistic, supplying the highest-quality supplements on the market was not. Through some networking and great mentoring from other small business owners, Newfoundland's newest supplement shop was born. Headstrong Supplements was now alive and breathing!
  3. A sense of community. For so many individuals, the gym seems so daunting. Headstrong Supplements aims to assemble a team of like-minded lifters to encourage and support one another on their intricate journeys. Headstrong Supplements' goal is to share our customers' inspiring stories on our social media pages, as we believe the power of inspiration is unequivocally the strongest force to encourage another person!
We want you to feel supported and inspired. We want to hear your goals and ambitions. We want to supply you with everything you need. Please join our movement by filling out the information below and following our social media pages at the bottom left of this page. We truly love all  of our amazing supporters. Thank You!