Our Ambassadors


I’m Tyler Jones. Fitness enthusiast, personal trainer, real estate investor and crane operator (I get paid to lift things up and put things down). I started lifting when I was around 15 years old. Growing up I had the cliche story of being made fun of for being a chubby kid and I was embarrassed to take my shirt off in the change rooms or swim class. This sparked an interest to hit the gym and change my physique. My local gym had an age minimum of 16 so I signed up for a membership on my sixteenth birthday and have been lifting ever since. My goal is to compete in the classic physique division next year and inspire and motivate people along the way. Follow my journey on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tylerjonesphysique/ and YouTube.

I’m Kyle Rumbolt, I’ve been through many different aspects of training (weight loss, muscle building, powerlifting) and my journey has come a long way from where I started, I was a 340lb 16 year old, I had just lost my sister to a health condition she had been battling with and that made me realize how precious a healthy life is and how badly I wanted to work towards being the healthiest that I can be so I could live a long healthy life and ever since I decided to make that lifestyle change I’ve lost a total of 130lbs, I’ve built a substantial amount of muscle mass and started my journey as a powerlifter. In my first competition I placed 3rd in my weight class and qualified for provincials 2020, I look forward to representing headstrong not only in the gym and on social media but to wherever my competitions take me, hopefully that includes representing NL on the national platform within the coming years. Follow my instagram to keep up with my journey https://www.instagram.com/kylerumbolt/.

I’m Amanda Clarke, 23 year old civil engineer and gym freak. I’ve gone through fits of going to the gym since I was in high school but January 2019 I started again and now it’s my favourite thing. I started originally as most do: wanting to change how I looked and it felt like a chore and a punishment. Since then, I have had a complete mindset change and it’s now way more than changing how I look. It’s my therapy, my me time, I love seeing how much more I can lift as time progresses. I’m so excited to represent Headstrong wherever my gym obsession may take me in the future!